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Mission & Masthead

Rootpolicy is an independent educational publication that aims to explain political, international, and social affairs in a comprehensive way. For us to solve the world’s problems, we as a global community must understand them first. That’s why our team and our supporters believe that understanding the issues around us is the root of any effective democracy.

William Cheng

Founder & President

Will is a senior at the Waterford School. He is a public forum debater, a Model UN diplomat, and an Ethics Bowl competitor. Will is currently an intern for Action Utah, preparing his lobbying council for the 2018 Utah Legislative Session in January, where he will advocate for better environmental regulations and anti-poverty statutes. He is an aspiring economist and entrepreneur and hopes to one day work to better the lives of all Americans.

Vivek Srivastava

Executive Director

Vivek is a junior in Wisconsin who enjoys learning about injustices and inequalities and using his voice to inspire his peers. He is a varsity public forum and Congressional debater and thus is an aspiring policy analyst who also plans to work as a humanitarian in developing countries. His ultimate goal in life is to inspire people to act for the greater good.

Masa Kawasaki

Director of Operations

Masa is a senior in Tokyo. He is involved in his school varsity football, wrestling and debate team, and spend much of his time outside of school working within communities in his native Japan. He hopes to one day work to strengthen ties between the United States and Japan, and is interested in how the countries will continue to work together in a changing world.

Lois Angelo

Lead Editor & Whip
Lois is a senior in Los Angeles. He is a first-generation student who enjoys playing the guitar and listening to music in his spare time. In addition, he is heavily involved in his high school paper, the Loyalist, and in his school’s Junior Classical League Chapter. Due to his Filipino background, Lois loves exploring and researching the complexities of political affairs in Southeast Asia.

Allison Wu

Creative Design

Allie is a senior at Randolph High School in New Jersey. She is involved with her school’s debate team, enjoys graphic design, and works for the local government’s economic development committee. She hopes to help fight for justice, client by client, as a lawyer one day.

Amogh Chaubey

Social Media Manager

Amogh is a sophomore in Indiana who enjoys learning about foreign policy and systematic racism in the United States. He is a policy and Lincoln Douglas Debater, and a member of his school robotics team. In his free time, Amogh interns with the Democratic Party and plays basketball. He hopes to one day go into business and computer science, or pursue a career in public policy.

Bera Demirbilek

Head Correspondent

Bera loves engaging in debates, researching, and writing. Bera is working avidly to host community events throughout Wisconsin to raise awareness for various organizations such as those that promote autism awareness. You can find Bera engaging with the Turkish-American Community, and giving speeches to the Muslim youth community about the various challenges they face.

Rishav Kumar

Senior Correspondent

Lauren Hartz

Senior Correspondent

Lauren attends high school in Tokyo, Japan. She enjoys running cross country, participating in MUN, and helping to lead her iGEM (synthetic biology) team. She believes an informed citizen is the best citizen and aspires to use science to advocate for causes that will positively benefit the world.

Alexander Fisher

Senior Correspondent

Max Devon

Correspondent & Political Tracker
Max is a senior who lives in the suburbs outside of Philadelphia. He enjoys learning and writing about Middle Eastern and Asian Pacific affairs, as well as U.S. domestic policy. He serves as the Opinions Editor for his school newspaper, and will never refrain from an argument, no matter how absurd the topic.

Josephine Wu


Josephine is a junior at Randolph High School in New Jersey. As an active cellist, writer, and volunteer, she enjoys reading about world history and various current events. She hopes to use her voice to inform and inspire those around her.

Blake Thomas


Blake is a junior at Los Gatos High School in California. He does parliamentary and congressional debate as well as MUN. Since joining the debate team, Blake’s interest in political journalism flourished, and, along with a love for writing and language, he aspires to become a correspondent at a major publication. Blake hopes to foster reliable, non-partisan news in a world of increasing fabrication and division.

Devin Anderson


Devin is a senior who focuses on policy changes and their effect domestically and internationally. He is a varsity policy debate member who strives to address structural inequalities and further goals of student activism. His interests and specialties include international relations, education policy, and security cooperation.

Owen Hansen

Correspondent & Interviewer

Owen is a senior at Pacific Ridge School. He participates in model U.N, cross-country, and track. A current intern for congressional candidate Mike Levin, he is interested in both local and international politics. He is an aspiring political analyst and looks to someday work for a think tank focusing on United States foreign policy.

Arjun Narayan


Arjun Narayan is a sophomore at North Allegheny High School. He is an avid Public Forum debater, Scout, and violin player. He is currently a member of his school’s Student Council and the Pittsburgh Youth Advisory Council, where he helps devise solutions to social problems in his city. He is interested primarily in international macroeconomics and domestic health policy, hoping to find a career in either of these fields to make the world a better place.

Nagisa Yamazaki


Nagisa is a sophomore in Japan. She is involved in her school debate team and Interact club that she is starting up. She enjoys talking to people from different backgrounds and learning about various international issues. Nagisa aspires to become an architect and design ecologically progressive buildings that will help the world.

Srilekha Cherukuvada

Srilekha is a rising sophomore at Westwood High School in Austin, Texas. She is an aspiring journalist and is an avid member of her high schools’ journalism program. Srilekha participates in both marching and concert band and plays the flute. She actively participates in several school clubs, including DECA, FBLA, French club, MUSE, Academy Ambassadors and Outreach.

Ashkaan Mahjoob